Dr v sivasubramanian


SAR Chandra Environ solutions Pvt. Ltd. Kakinada, Andhrapradesh, India

             A Joint Venture Company formed with SAR, a Norway based company providing total solutions in waste chain management for off shore & Onshore Oil & Gas Operators.  SAR specializes in environmental services with focus on reduction of waste, recycling and recovery/reuse of valuable base-oil & oil based mud with the prime motto of converting waste to value. SAR, as has worldwide-renowned presence mainly in Europe-Norway, Denmark, Sweden and now expanding in to Asia.

Development of micro algal technology to treat effluent water and mud

Occurrence of algae in Oil drilling ETP Waste and Effluents
Algae occurred in and around SAR Chandra industry, Kakinada, Andhrapradesh, were isolated and identified.  Some of the algae were cultured in the lab.  18 genera and 23 species belonging to Chlorophyceae, 5 genera and 6 species belonging to Bacillariophyceae, 2 genera and 3 species belonging to Euglenineae and 13 genera and 17 species belonging to Myxophyceae were identified.  On the whole 38 genera and 49 species belonging to 4 families were identified.

Pilot -scale study and success:

Phycoremediation potential of  micro algae in the pilot scale slope tank was studied. The pH increased to 7.48 against raw effluent pH of 6.45. The chemical parameters like sulphate reduced by 95.81%, BOD reduced by 70.27% and total alkalinity by 70.51%. At the same time there was considerable increase in chloride, sodium, potassium and total hardness.

Scaledup plant study:

Results showed a significant reduction in a number of parameters. Sludge was reduced by 47.75%. BOD was reduced by 93.20%, total suspended solids by 80.83%, TDS by 80.79% and EC by 80.83%.  pH of effluent increased  and maintained around 7.78 against raw effluent pH of 6.45

Trials with mud:

Oil drilling mud with 5 to 10 % oil was treated with micro algal biomass in small pilot scale plots. Significant reduction in oil % was acheived after 60 days of treatment process. Work is underway to accelerate the process by optimizing parameters.